Imagine a place in town where we can gather for outdoor concerts, dining -- or maybe ice skating. A place where people of all ages can live, work, visit, and play. A place just south of downtown -- on a plot of land where many long-timers went to school and new-timers and visitors know is revered.

Meet Midtown. the old Blacksburg Middle School property bordered by Main and Eheart.


Inviting features:

  1. Wide sidewalks along Main Street encourage pedestrians, outdoor dining, seating, and landscaping.

  2. Plazas, park, and community spaces.

  3. Short, walkable blocks.

  4. Interconnected greenways, plazas, open space and community spaces throughout the community.

  5. Parking garage, parking under buildings and 150 surface spaces. Parking policy in residential area to be resident/guest-only.

  6. Ability for some uses to change as Blacksburg grows.

  7. Environmentally responsible design