Blacksburg is a special placewe're a people who share diverse interests, professional skills, and perspective.

Nowhere is that more true than at Midtown—a place where we can come together as a community. Here you can host a weekly yoga session, meet other dog owners, attend a concert, or simply relax. The space was intentionally designed to offer a pleasant pedestrian experience.

We're excited that so many people and local leaders are embracing the Midtown plan.


A large plaza will serve as the entryway into the development. It will be fronted by a multi-use building with street front restaurants, commercial space and a hotel.

A central event space will be the heart of the community, providing a gathering and celebration area for the town. Surrounded by a ring road, the central space is intentionally designed for seasonal outdoor activities, including ice skating during the winter.

NOTE: All images are conceptual renderings.

NOTE: All images are conceptual renderings.

A large open space, Midtown Park, will be in the heart of the residential neighborhood. A system of pedestrian green streets and pocket parks will connect the community to Midtown Park.


Blacksburg’s Police Department may find a new home at Midtown—perhaps the library as well. A new public parking garage is proposed for a parcel fronting on Clay street. In addition to a central community space and event space, tree-lined streets with wide sidewalks,  multi-use trails, and a new bike lane on Eheart Street, a large park is planned where children and adults can run, play Frisbee, and just stretch out.

NOTE: All images are conceptual renderings.