Press Release

Ahead of first public meeting, 
developers introduce Midtown

BLACKSBURG, VA – Ahead of the first public neighborhood meeting, developers Jim Cowan and Jeanne Stosser introduce Midtown as the proposed new community for the old Blacksburg Middle School site. They describe the property as critical to helping define Blacksburg’s future, and encourage supporters to attend the meeting on Wednesday, May 23 at 7 p.m.

Cowan and Stosser: Meet Midtown
By Jim Cowan and Jeanne Stosser
Roanoke Times
May 22, 2018

Over the past several years, passionate people from Main Street business owners and engaged local citizens to Town Council members and our stakeholders have worked to design a thoughtful and feasible plan for the Old Blacksburg Middle School property.

This piece of property is sacred to many as the place their family went to school, gathered for Friday night football, or enjoyed the lawn at Main Street and Eheart.

Navigating multiple competing interests and the realities of the marketplace has not been easy. The process has been complex, but it has produced a detailed vision and a plan we can all take great pride in.

With considerable help and investment, we now have an exciting plan to be considered by Town Council over the summer.

Meet Midtown — a planned community in the heart of Blacksburg — where friends will gather for an outdoor concert, families will dine out, professionals will go to work, and, perhaps, children (both young and old) will go ice-skating in the winter.

Midtown will be a central community where Blacksburg lives and works, bridging the old school memories with new community moments.

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