Midtown invites year-round residents to enjoy a walkable, vibrant community with urban amenities — whether they are young professionals, singles, families, empty-nesters or active seniors. Midtown’s residential district will include a variety of high quality housing options from two-car garage townhomes to apartments, condominiums, and flats. They will come in a variety of sizes, types and prices points, both for rent and sale.



Residences will include:

  • Townhomes ranging between about 1,500 and 3,000 square feet, each with a required two-car garage for sale or lease.

  • For sale condominiums ranging in size from about 1,200 to more than 1,600 square feet. Many of these units will have parking under the building and in small scale lots.

  • Apartments and stacked “flats,” ranging from studio lofts to 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units.

Residents will be in the thick of it all, just steps away from businesses, restaurants, and retail.

Taller residential building will be toward Main Street, while at the eastern edge of the community, residential buildings will be limited to two stories in height. A minimum of 65 percent of all residential parking will be covered.

    Types of residents envisioned:

    NOTE: All images are conceptual renderings.

    Midtown encourages long-term residents who are invested in the community.

    All leased communities and apartment buildings will adopt the following criteria:

    • No four bedroom, four bath units will be offered for lease. 
    • “By-the-bedroom” leases will not be permitted.
    • The residents of 75% of the units will be required to verify an income of twice the monthly rent for the unit. 

    All “for sale” residential units will be part of a Residential Homeowners Association, which adopts the following regulations:

    • All purchasers must represent that they themselves (or an immediate family member) intend to occupy the unit they purchase.
    • All purchasers are required to represent that they are not acquiring the property primarily for investment purposes or as a “rental property”.