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Midtown is a planned community for the old Blacksburg Middle School space. In order to proceed, the Blacksburg Town Council must approve rezoning the land. Much of the land is currently zoned R4, which means four houses can be built per acre -- which will not help our town achieve a vibrant living/working/playing community. Other parcels are zoned civic, because the land was used for a school.

Midtown is requesting that the parcels near Main Street be rezoned from civic to Downtown Commercial use and the parcels dedicated for residential use be zoned a Planned Residential Development (PRD). PRD gives flexibility for use of the space within agreed upon constraints.

The rezoning process includes the following steps:

  1. Neighborhood meeting
  2. Planning Commission discussion
  3. Planning Commission open hearing
  4. Town Council vote

*Additional input meetings may be held and dates will be posted here.

How Midtown will serve Blacksburg

When Midtown Redevelopment Partners, LLC finalized the purchase of the property in 2017, they did so with the intent to thoughtfully build a place that will benefit all in our community.

Over the last several years, they’ve taken the time to carefully listen and better understand both the desires and concerns for the project. Midtown partners have incorporated suggestions from town officials and Town Council members. (Link: see what suggestions have been incorporated) As a result, the proposed design directly meets the goals and objectives outlined in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Thanks to the comments and suggestions from Town Council staff and stakeholders, a number of improvements have been made to these plans:

  1. Relocated the hotel to the other side of New Church Street and rotated the building 90 degrees so that parking is behind.
  2. Removed the surface lot adjacent to the hotel and community event space, replaced it with parking on the loop road around the lawn to accommodate larger events and be more pedestrian-friendly. 
  3. Located hotel parking in a screened lot behind the buildings to further limit parking visibility from Main Street.
  4. Added commercial space in the building fronting Main Street to help activate the plaza and streetscape.
  5. Created the option for a library on the front of the parcel, or additional commercial space on the ground level of a multi-use commercial building.
  6. Improved access to the multi-use trail throughout the site, and connected it from the neighborhoods.
  7. Increased the space for the proposed public safety building and garage to accommodate the Town's preferred layout.
  8. Adjusted lots and provided underground access to office space and restaurants, away from community event space.
  9. Relocated the community center and pool from Midtown Way to one of the multi-family buildings adjoining Central Park.
  10. Added specific proffers for each parcel that define uses, setbacks, building envelopes and architectural requirements.

How to help

Attend public hearings: Old Blacksburg Middle School Rezoning

Write to Town Council members: TownCouncil@Blacksburg.gov  

Talk to your Blacksburg friends and neighbors